Corporate videography & commercial video production services.

CKS is a specialist and bespoke corporate video production company. The company has produced videos for a range of businesses, from promotional videos and brand building to captivating documentaries and facebook ads. 

I am the lead corporate videographer with a background in digital animation, music videos and wedding videography and have nearly 10 years experience in video production. My corporate videos are professional, captivating and highly effective at conveying corporate messages and motivating audiences. 

I am a driven, dedicated and personable videographer with a passion for reflecting the client’s brief and achieving their goals in my corporate videos. I can assist you with all your corporate video production needs including video marketing, promotional, events, interviews, animation and corporate documentaries.

With inspiring and creative videography, I am masterful at telling a story through my corporate videos. My approach is dynamic and forward thinking, with a flare for coming up with innovative ideas. My priority is listening to my client and working closely with them from the initial concept to completing the project. 

You can be rest assured that none of CKS’s videos for corporate businesses will be bland or vanilla. I take a brief for a corporate video and transform it into an engaging and transformative piece of videography. My client’s needs are at the heart of what I do and will reflect their requirements and vision throughout all my corporate video production. 

The first step of corporate video production is talking through your goals and coming up with ideas for what type and style of corporate video would work best for your company and what it aims to achieve. You may be looking for a promotional video to start building your brand or videography to capture an interview with someone key to your business or perhaps an innovative documentary. Feel free to be ambitious and throw all your ideas at me. Get in touch to see how I can help you with your next corporate video.

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